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Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

My approach is based on systems thinking. I find it particularly fascinating to look at differences and contexts. There are many ways for people and organisations to change and develop. For me, development means responding to a challenge. It is important to find the balance between what should be changed and what should be preserved, respecting tradition and values, and integrating innovative ideas and new creative approaches.

Any development process involves a lot more than just techniques, methods and knowledge. In my view, what is central is questioning the personal attitudes of the people involved and the values of the organisational culture. These are the roots that nourish and control future growth.

My working methods are based on an interplay between interaction and self-reflection, knowledge transfer and feedback. This methodical approach is reflected in organisational discussions, team building and coaching sessions that I coordinate, develop, carry out and evaluate.

I approach each new assignment with an attitude of appreciation for what has already been achieved, as well as for the reality of the present.