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A culture of trust is developed on the basis of common values.

Every organisation develops a specific culture that determines the interplay of and relationship between values, norms and paradigms, as well as behaviour within the organisation and towards those outside it. The culture of an organisation expresses itself, for example, in people’s approach to life and work, in their convictions and habits and in the stories told in an organisation.
If a company has a strong, deep-rooted culture, this forms a strong foundation for the directional focus, motivation and commitment of its employees and managers. A joint, meaningful image of the future is a description of one's own identity and requires a framework created by the top managers in an organisation. Once the image of the future has been constructed, strategies can be developed and robust supporting structures created in the organisation. Reciprocal communication plays a central role in this.

Fields of Action

  • Actively supporting processes of cultural change
    How can we mobilise and use the energy and potential of our staff for productive change? How can we ensure a positive and constructive climate of debate arises that creates scope for new insights and findings? How can we reconcile different perspectives and complimentary knowledge in a purposeful and resource-oriented manner? How can we shape reliable processes and relationships in times of change to reach our goal together?
  • Supporting corporate mergers in a culturally strategic manner
    Cultures come up against each other and the issue of the compatibility of cultural elements arises. In supporting this process, how are we to adapt our cultures to each other from the outset, so as not to get in each other’s way but to use our experiences and knowledge to our mutual benefit? What cultural values should play a role in our company in future? How do we make life in our organisation calculable and meaningful? How do we work with – rather than against – the self-organising dynamics and energy of our organisation? What working methods do we want to adopt? How do we create a company where staff enjoy making their contribution?