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“Education has nothing to do with filling a pail, rather it has everything to do with igniting a flame.”


Since the mid-1990s I have worked as a consultant and coach for the most varied corporate cultures such as:

  • the production sector: automotive, chemical, electronics, plant protection
  • the service sector: GenoBank, retail, NPOs / social economy, insurance
  • public sector institutions: local authorities, foundations

A selection of my certifications and training:

  • Training as a health coach (BTS/ KGC, 2010/11/ with Dr. M. Lauterbach)
  • Training as a certified dialogue process facilitator (with Prof. Dr. F. Dorithy and
    Dr. M. Hartkemeyer, 2004/5)
  • Training as a certified communications skills coach (THINK Gesellschaft, 2004/5/ with
    F. Stowasser)
  • Training as a certified systemic organisations consultant (at IBS, 2000/ Prof. Dr. Kersting
    and Prof. Dr. Vogel)
  • MA in Romance Philology, Economic Geography and Pedagogy (Cologne University, 1993)
  • Studies abroad: University of Clermont-Ferrand (France, 1988/89)